Great Budworth Garden Club

The flourishing Garden Club is very well established and has a full programme throughout the year of speakers,visits and even garden holidays!
Meetings are on the second Tuesday of each month at 7.45pm in the Parish Hall Subscription £15 per annum
Guests welcome with a member on selected occasions £3.00pp
Membership enquiries to the Membership Secretary; Sarah Lawton 01606 48816 or Ola Dodd 01606 89105.


2 thoughts on “Great Budworth Garden Club

  1. Hilary Lee

    I enquire if any vacancies have arisen to join the garden club in the current year.
    I made enquiries last year and was informed that I would not be considered until Feb. ’16 when you would have details of the membership.
    Perhaps you would let me know.

    1. Caroline Marshall

      Hi Hilary,

      Please contact Gwen Carter on 01925 656704 for further information.

      Kind regards

      Caroline Marshall
      Clerk to Great Budworth Parish Council


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