8 thoughts on “Great Budworth Notice Board

    1. Lesley Hopkinson

      Have looked at some other sites – not much inspiration…. I would love a ‘virtual pinboard’ or ‘post-it notes’ effect. A section for
      advertising that looks like a notice board with the adverts pinned/stuck on. Can you imagine what I mean or would a sketch help?

    1. Lesley Hopkinson

      Next meeting is 20th Feb here at The Old Hall – 7.30pm. Have a think about whether you think we have the right tabs at the top, whether we have omitted any organisations and any other suggestions that might make the site more user friendly ……glad you like it – I love the impact of the brickwork!

  1. Nick Baron-Morgan Post author

    I was thinking to keep everything fluent. When we have the forum section up and running a ‘Items for Sale, Wanted or Free to Good Home section could go in there that would enable image tags. I was also thinking of perhaps a village gallery where users could upload images from and around the area?

  2. Fiona H

    Dear Lesley

    I wonder if you can help in your capacity as Councillor….?

    I visited Great Budworth to view a house yesterday and would love to live the the village. I tried to place a notice on the greatbudworth.com notice board but it has only come up with my name. I was hoping to say if anyone is thinking of selling their 2 or 3 bed house with a garden, please can you contact [email protected] as I am in a position to buy.

    Would you be able to post this for me as I am so keen to move there and have sold my house!

    With best wishes



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