Great Budworth Parish Council

Your Parish Councillors are:

Hilary Brudenell (Chairman), Rob Collier (Vice Chairman)

Anna Lee, Malcolm Torrance, Lesley Hopkinson, Hazel Forewood, Peter McAndrew and Marie Kershaw.

Your Parish Clerk is:

Rachel Ollier who can be contacted via email at: [email protected]

or by phone on 01565 733 731 (an answer phone is available to leave a message when the Clerk is unavailable)

Meetings of the Parish Council:

The Parish Council meet for a formal Council meeting every other month on a Monday evening at 1930 in the Parish Hall.

April 2016: A Compliment to our village…

The Parish Council recently received this lovely piece of very complimentary correspondence about our village:

May I – as someone who has never visited your beautiful village – pay a compliment to the village and those who care for it. I’ve looked at your village website and I’m impressed by the language and attitude of the site but especially by the values that many seem to exhibit in this typically British village.

What really prompted this note is my admiration of the determination of Great Budworth to do something positive about an issue that’s probably been difficult to live with for some time, and the report from your ‘parking committee’. Brilliantly succinct and imaginative.

I hope you take this email in a positive manner; I’m not patronising you, just putting into words how I feel about communities like yours, and the manner in which you tackle important issues. ‘Big business’ ( and probably Government ) could learn a thing or two.

Best wishes from

Derek & Cindy Taylor

of Langley, Berkshire.

2015 Parish Council Elections

Please click on the link below to see the names of the Parish Councillors elected in the 2015 Parish Council Elections.

Great Budworth – Results Notice

Retirement of Parish Councillors

At the March 2015 Parish Council meeting 3 of our longest serving Parish Councillors: Bob Wilkinson, Peter Davies and Bill Anderson announced that they would not be standing again for re-election. With a total time served on the Council of over 80 years – we felt this was something to be celebrated – read all about it on the link to the Northwich Guardian below:


10 thoughts on “Great Budworth Parish Council

  1. Dr Robert Redfern

    “The most picturesque village in Cheshire”

    With regard to the exploratory ‘least profitable’ Hammond proposal to build 10 houses near the village hall and bowling green I understand that the views of locals are being sought.

    Could the Parish Council and the Heritage Society consider these questions:

    1. Will any proposal make the village a much less picturesque one or a more picturesque one?
    2. Will this encourage others owning fields around the village to submit similar proposals until in future GB is no longer a picturesque village at all, but a small old centre surrounded by hundreds of new houses?

    Turning fields worth £15,000 an acre into housing worth 100 times that is always a profit making exercise for those who own the fields. Luckily there are those who would buy fields to protect themselves and their neighbours from urbanisation.

    Best Regards
    Bob Redfern

  2. Paul critchley

    Hi I live in the village and what a great village it is, theres been talk that the traffic is a major problem and I totally agree, budworth was not built for cars al those years ago and the cars let the village down so much, the way they drive through all day every day and the parking is a big problem ,am good at coming up with ideas,so I thought the only way and best way is by closing of the village from both ends of the village by installing some type of barrier,only vechles on special circumstances can go through like the brewery wagon, dropping things of basically,so then I thought where does everybody park there cars, its simple you create a carpark, you have to think of budworths future traffic is going to increase it is going to get worse, by closing both ends of the village you are bringing budworth back to its origina self, and who knows after that you could even think about relaying the original cobble stones in the road, I hope my message gets accross it really is the best solution,thanks Paul

    1. Caroline Marshall

      Hi Paul,

      Thankyou for your feedback. Apologies for the delay in replying.

      Please see the home page of the website to review the parking report that was completed and also visit the 2016 Parish Council Meeting Minutes page to see the decisions made by the Parish Council regarding parking at the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting held in February.

      Kind regards

      Caroline Marshall
      Clerk to Great Budworth Parish Council

  3. Sympathiser

    Re Cyclists, Telegraph 10/7/2016

    As someone who lives on the 2012 Olympic cycling route in Surrey – I totally empathise with the problem you are experiencing with cyclists. Some amongst their brethren are loud, profane, aggressive and totally self-absorbed.
    Any other social group behaving in such a way would be moved on and cautioned by the police. The difference here is that they are largely white, middle-aged, middle-class men who in reality are lycra clad louts.

    Bravo Great Budworth

  4. Paul morris

    Congratulations on your stance against cyclepests. Our village suffers too as does most of the Peak District. They are a safety problem especially on narrow roads, weaving when going up hill and speeding in the centre of the road when going down. As for hunting in packs they are then a group danger.

  5. John Evans

    May I congratulate yourselves on bringing to the national press the problems with cyclists in your village . We , at Sundridge with Ide hill Parish Council , Kent , are only 20 miles from London and have several steep hills which cyclists use to their advantage .
    We are plagued by loutish , anti-social behaviour by a small minority on a daily basis .
    I would alert you to a website “Strava”, which encourages groups and individuals to compete against each other in “timed” trials from point to point – ie racing on public highways ( totally illegal ) .
    Having had several fatalities and serious injuries to cyclists where usually a third party is held to blame , I feel that the time has come to bring this matter to the fore .
    I have written to our local press and will seek an audience with our Police Commissioner to discuss certain remedial measures.
    Perhaps as many parish Councils as are affected ( and I suspect they are many ), could unite to press our concerns home – this is a problem that can only get worse .
    Regards Cllr John Evans ( Sundridge with Ide hill Parish Council )


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