Great Budworth Wine Tasting Group

Provisional Programme

The Great Budworth wine group has been established for many years and normally meets on Sunday at lunchtime starting at around 1230 and finishing around 1500 hours. The traditional pattern is that six white and six red wines are tasted, lunch is provided, and then a vote is taken to determine the two favourite white and two favourite red wines of the day. Only after the vote is taken the prices of the wines disclosed. The cost of the event is typically in the range of £12-£20 depending upon the cost of the wines and the food provided. This is an outstanding bargain.There is no membership fee, and the only requirement is to give advance notice to enable catering arrangements to be made. In the event of short-term cancellation or non-attendance, you may be asked to contribute towards the costs.

Tastings 2015

29 March 2015 Village Hall Sunday 12.30, “Selection by the Wine Society for Drinking in 2015″..
10 May. Sunday Lunchtime in Kendal in The Lakes. Details will be available shortly.
20 June. Saturday Night event at The Village Hall. A themed supper evening. Probably based on “The 60’s”
26 July. Sunday lunchtime in Grappenhall.
27 September. Sunday lunchtime North Manchester
25 October Village Hall Sunday lunchtime
22 November Village Hall Sunday lunchtime
13 December. Village Hall Sunday lunchtime – Christmas “personal Favorites”

For More Information Please Contact Don & Carol Hammond 01606 891397

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